Our institute is one of the famous institutes in Karachi. Our institute providing chance to learn Microsoft office 2013 course by the qualified teachers. This course increases your knowledge about the software of computer and as well as increase your interest to learn about the computer. In this course you get the knowledge of whole software. After completing this course you are able to do installations of computer’s software.

Microsoft Office 2016

  • Windows 8/10
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Internet & Email
  • MS Office Courses in Karachi

    At Computer Collegiate we offer some of the best MS Office Courses in Karachi. Our courses are designed to cater to the needs of all sorts of individuals. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user the course offered at our institute are the most unique MS Office Courses in Karachi. We cover all the Office components in our courses that include MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point and MS Outlook, which primarily used for emails. If you are planning to enhance your skill set or improve your existing skills you have come at the right place, some of the unique features of the MS Office Courses in Karachi offered by our institute are given below.

    Features of our courses:

    • Cater to the needs of everyone, from beginners to professionals.
    • Different packages available for aspiring candidates.
    • Designed considering the practical application of these applications.
    • The knowledge gained during the course will help you enhance your job prospects.
    • Course covers all the components of MS Office.
    • Focus on practical application rather than theoretical.
    • Designed by industry experts keeping in view the requirements of employers.
    • Focuses equally on all MS Office applications rather than emphasizing on just one.
    • You’ll be able to do everything MS Office offers after the completion of the course.
    • We offer some of the most competitive packages in Karachi with the highest teaching standard.