5 Tips To Start Your Career In UI/UX Design Course In Karachi

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5 Tips To Start Your Career In UI/UX Design Course In Karachi


Everyday hearing about how many bucks people are making online and you have no idea how to begin your flourishing career. Well, here are five tips to make your career a strong head start.

Research and Choose the Right Course:

I am sure with all these options, one can be in a confused state. The first step before stepping in any field is to research all about that field. Ask yourself a bunch of questions, What is UI/UX design? What is web designing? What is a website? How can I make a career in it? Well hold your horses, I will guide you everything step by step. As we all know, everything about our life has been shifted online. From academic classes, to grocery shopping, to ordering food, travelling, everything is done via an online platform. So, for this reason the demand for building, creating and developing websites has increased.

User Interface (UI) focuses on the visual aspects of a digital product. Its prime objective is to decide the look and feel of the product. Sometimes we don’t feel like browsing a page as our aesthetics don’t match a particular vibe. That is why it is important that the interface of a website, an application or a software is appealing to the audience to keep the customer intact. Incase of a ecommerce website, if a customer doesn’t get the hang of the website because of the colours, the typography, icons, he/she may leave the website without making a purchase. This will cause the enterprise huge losses. That is why it is important to learn UI/UX design.

On the other hand, User Experience (UX) is concerned with the overall experience of the digital product. Making sure that the entire customer journey is seamless and is able to achieve the goal and task.

Now that you have a basic idea of what UI/UX designing is, your next question in mind will be where can I find UI/UX design courses for beginners. There are a couple of options to learn online UI/UX design courses like Udemy, Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. However, as a beginner it is recommended to have a physical learning experience so that all your exciting and nervous queries are answered there and then by a professional teacher. Computer Collegiate is one of the renowned places where you can learn UI/UX design courses in Karachi.

Build a Strong Portfolio:

Practical experience is very crucial for learning ui/ux designing. As you learn at Computer Collegiate, you start working on projects to build a diverse portfolio. A strong portfolio is often more valuable than a certificate. You’ll learn how to redesign existing websites or create mock-ups for new websites.

Networking and Joining Design Communities:

Attending a physical class will help you connect with professionals with different fields. You’ll get to know about local design events, meetups or you can join online forums and communities. Networking is very important as you can know the industry insights and job opportunities. Platforms like Meetup or LinkedIn can help you find relevant events and groups in Karachi. At Computer Collegiate, you will meet individuals from all walks of life and you will learn UI/UX design courses in a community.

Stay Updated with Industry Trends:

In these ever-evolving fields, it is crucial to stay updated in the industry trends design, tools and technologies. By following industry blogs, subscribing to design podcasts and participating in online discussion can help you make a mark in the industry. To be a more competitive candidate and setting your own ground, you have to be aware of the trends and technologies. At Computer Collegiate, we tend to update our course every year with new and modern tech making sure you learn the best UI/UX course.

Internships and Freelance Opportunities:

To make a mark in this industry gaining practical experience through internships or freelance projects is extremely important. Many companies and startups look for entry-level UI/UX designers who are eager to learn and contribute. Internships help to gain hands-on experience and to work with professionals in the industry. At Computer Collegiate we give you freelance training to work on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Hope that now you’ll move forward with your passion and learn UI/UX designing and be the top of your field.