Computerized Accounting


Computerized Accounting

Bookkeeping? Eh. That’s an old age concept. In this fast paced world, you need figures, data in your fingertips with just one-click and with minimum errors. Computerized accounting software is the perfect solution to automate accounting processes and save time and improve accuracy.

Computer Collegiate is offering a short-term Computerized Accounting certification course covering three profound software; Peachtree, quickbooks, Tally ERP.9. This software is designed to automate accounting tasks such as journal entries, general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and financial reporting. You’ll learn how to create entries in Chart of Accounts, General Journal, T-Accounts, Ledgers, Costing and Tax calculations.

After completing this course, you’ll have improved job prospects, increased efficiency in your business, enhanced accuracy in accounting entries, better financial management, and flexibility of accessing data remotely.

There are many job opportunities in the market for you. You can work as an Accountant, Bookkeeper, Accounting Clerk, Payroll Specialist and Financial Analyst. Conclusively, taking a computerized accounting course at Computer Collegiate can provide you with valuable skills that can improve your job prospects, increase your efficiency and accuracy, and help you better manage your finances and be on top of your game.