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Computer Collegiate is your one-stop solution to learn all about the Information Technology Courses. Computer Collegiate is one of the most well-known Computer Training Institute In Karachi  serving Karachiites for over 30 years. Its aim is to contribute to the development of Pakistan  by equipping the youth with all the weapons required for the IT industry. Due to its effective  role, it has become an enviable brand in computer education in Karachi.

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    I have started Graphic Animation Program (GAP) course for 6 months and I really learn and enjoy. They have Excellent teaching skills, comfortable environment, very good computer lab and also good fast computer systems. Thank you Computer Collegiate.❤️
    / Student


    i loved the atmosphere and there management. they are very cooperative in every means. I am studying graphics from sir shah zain and believe me his teaching style is pretty awesome, do consider this institute for the great teachings and successful career building,
    / Student
    fahad aziz


    I have excellent experience with computer collegiate. the teachers and staff all are very cooperative and computer collegiate is a good institute for a student.
    / Student


    have excellent experience with computer collegiate. the teachers and staff all are very cooperative. computer collegiate has a learning environment which is very useful for students, so we can build strong concepts in this learning environment.
    / Student


    Computer Courses At Computer Collegiate

    Computer Collegiate believes in providing quality education to its students and that’s why it  has undoubtedly taken the leadership role for IT institutes in Karachi. Thorough research is  carried out before designing market-oriented courses. Teachers are trained on a regular basis  to keep themselves abreast of the finest pedagogical methodologies and latest technologies  in IT. Our students have an awe-inspiring presence in prominent local and international  institutions and organizations. Following are the smart courses offered at Computer Collegiate.

    Microsoft Office

    In order to survive this competitive world, Office Automation is the bread and butter of every  individual. In our Office Automation course, we teach basic knowledge and usage of  Windows 10, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Internet usage tips  and tricks. Along with that we teach online office resources like Google Bootcamp amd  Office 365.

    Certificate In Information Technology (CIT)

    Certificate in Information Technology or (CIT) course is for newcomers to the field of IT. In this  course, a variety of areas of Information technology have been included to help students  understand their potential and pursue a particular discipline according to their inclination.

    The  course content includes the following: 

    • Office Automation (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS  Excel)
    • UI/UX Designing with Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop
    • HTML5 and CSS3 Using IDE  of Visual Studio Code
    • Programming concepts using Python

    Advanced Diploma In Information Technology (ADIT)

    It is a comprehensive course aimed at preparing students for their professional roles in the IT  sector. It has two comprehensive modules. Each module lasts for six months.

    The major  features of this program are as under:

    • Office Automation 

    • Web Designing and Development

    • Adobe Visual Studio, HTML5, CSS3

    • JavaScript, React JS, Jquery

    • PHP with MySQL, CMS WordPress, Python

    • Freelance training for online earning

    Graphic Animation Program (GAP)

    It consists of two programs of six months each. The first six months students learn about  Graphic Designing where the main focus is on picture editing. Then if they want to broaden  their horizons, they can opt for Graphic Animation. It is an outstandingly designed course to  help students become successful Graphic Designers & Animators in the time span of 1 year.  The salient features of this program include teaching the designing concepts and tools  essential for career opportunities in this field.

    Following are the graphic editors included in the  course:

    • Adobe Photoshop (Raster Graphics Editor)
    • Adobe Illustrator (Vector Graphics  Editor)
    • Adobe Photoshop Advanced with Video Editing & 3D Designing and Freelance training
    • Premiere Pro CC
    • After  Effects CC
    • Audition CC
    • 3D Studio Max
    • Moreover, AI is also incorporated with Graphic Designing at our institute.  

    Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing involves marketing products and services through the use of online  technologies. The use of desktop computers, mobile phones along with digital technologies is  part and parcel of this course. Hence, Digital marketing cannot be detached from technology  development. After completing this course, the digital marketer has a vast horizon ahead to  explore the opportunities lie ahead in the field of Digital Marketing.

    Following are the modules included in this course:

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
    • Pay Per Click (PPC)
    • WordPress, Amazon Affiliate Marketing
    • Google Analytics GA4, Google AdWords and YouTube AdWords.
    • Digital Marketing  is taught with AI concepts  

    Web Engineering

    This course is suitable for those who want to learn website development and web applications.  It covers all the tools and techniques required for Front-end and Back-end developments.

    Following are the major highlights of the program: 

    • UI / UX Design using Adobe XD
    • Adobe Photoshop 
    • HTML5, CSS3 and IDE Tools Visual Studio Code 
    • Front-end Development Technologies (JavaScript, ES5, ES6, j-Query JQuery) 
    • Server-Side Development technologies (Node JS, Database concepts MongoDB Database,  CMS WordPress)

    Software Engineering

    Software Engineering Course opens numerous job prospects locally as well as internationally  in the Software development industry. Starting with the fundamental concepts of software  development to taking the students to the cutting-edge advanced technologies of the  development process is the ultimate aim of this program.

    Following are the languages included in this course:

    • C Language
    • C#, C++,
    • MVC.Net (Framework)
    • Python.

    Computerized Accounting / Data Visualization

    To train students related to the concepts and principles of Computerized Accounting &  Financial Data Visualization and to ensure modern and efficient working are the ultimate aims  of this course. Use modern technologies and related software to enable students to form the  present-day world.

    The course covers the following:

    • Peachtree

    • Tally ERP.9

    • QuickBooks

    • Advanced Excel

    • Financial Modeling

    • PowerBI


    Computer Collegiate offers two networking certification courses; Microsoft & Cisco. In the  Microsoft certified courses, students learn Azure Fundamentals (Exam AZ-900) and Azure  Administrator Associate (Exam AZ-104). In the Cisco Networking Academy three main certifications are taught. Number one being  Cisco Certified Networking Associate(CCNA) this course is taught in reference with Exam 200-301. Then moving on to Cyber Security, Cisco Certified  CyberOps Associate(CBROPS) is taught with building Security Concepts and Monitoring.  Furthermore, a basic level IT Essentials course is taught where step-by-step assembling of a  personal computer with troubleshooting, upgrade and replacement. It also includes CISCO  preparation and CISCO portal Access.

    Following are the techniques student will learn in this course:

    • Cloud concepts
    • Network security features, governance
    • manage virtual networking
    • Fundamentals of  switches, routers and access points 
    • Develop security policies and infrastructure and mitigate risks
    • Recognizing threats and vulnerabilities and mitigating security threats


    One of the new age developments in the IT world is ecommerce and its business models.  Computer Collegiate is teaching all about Amazon’s business models, tools.

    Following are the tools and techniques will cover in this course:

    • B2B, B2C Business Models
    • Wholesale FBA and FBM, Drop shipping
    • Product hunting, sourcing and listing optimization
    • Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Amazon Revenue Calculator


    Don’t worry engineers, we haven’t left you out. Computer Collegiate is offering AutoCAD 2D &  3D and Autodesk Revit for all the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Interior and Drafting creative  minds. Students will learn about drawing and editing concepts, 3D modelling, creating walls,  doors/windows and ceiling plans.